Thursday, March 12, 2009

Being an active artist in Toronto often leads to exploring the great neighbourhoods of the city. The downtown core, established gallery areas, emerging gallery areas and just isolated pockets like The Junction, Kensington or Roncey just to name a few.

Ben Navaee Gallery on East Queen Street is one of those funky up-and-coming places. Old, new, chic and shabby all at the same time. Ben provides as much a community service as an art gallery. No art snobs here, just a good place to be, go to see some local art and exhibit/share ideas with other artists. Go to see art in the spacious gallery and maybe end up in a Yoga class.

I’ll have about a dozen pieces on exhibit March 13-22. There will be a simple reception 3:30 pm on Saturday March 14. Stop by and say hello if you’re around.

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