Sunday, February 8, 2009

For the Month of February I’ll be exhibiting at the Rainbow Artist Gallery. The exhibit is hosted by Art for All Canada.
Sheila Mithchell heads up this organization and actively seeks out venues for artists to display their works. Sheila, incidentally, has an exhibit of her own this month.

The Rainbow space is quite unique. It is located on Front Street in Toronto’s Lawrence Market. It has a sort of art-deco commercial feeling and has a huge amount of traffic. Certainly, most folks are rushing off for popcorn and pop … and more likely to pay attention to the movie trailers than art … but some do stop. It really is the artist’s responsibility to get people to look.

Sculptor Fran Bouvman has some truly creative work here along with Diane Feaver.

This is a nice opportunity to catch a flick and enjoy some interesting art.

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